Dr. Gareth Dyke



PhD Geology (University of Bristol, UK)
BSc Biology & Geology (University of Bristol, UK)


Content Creation

30-years experience as an educator, researcher, editor, journal
manager, and publisher. Extensive content creation, teaching, business
development, and marketing experience operating in China, India,
Central Asia, and throughout Europe. Deep academic and library global
network as well as proven content delivery, management, sales and
digital marketing skills.

My content and teaching builds from my ongoing academic research. I
mentor students, win funding (> €2M since 2002), and publish my own
work (ca. 350 peer-reviewed articles, including in Nature and Science) in
collaboration with universities across Central Europe. I am accredited as
a course leader by the UK and Irish Higher Education Authorities.

I am passionate about the development and delivery of new and
innovative content types because I have extensively as a researcher
around the world. I have a thorough understanding of the academic
publishing process, including of the needs of authors and referees from
researcher, supervisor, academic manager, librarian, editorial and
publishing perspectives. I have managed a leading academic journal in
my own field, palaeontology, for more than 18 years and have provided
suites of editorial services to authors in the life (chemistry, biology,
medicine) and historical sciences (geology, archaeology). Until 2022,
long-term consultancy clients included the World Health Organisation,
MacMillan Education, The Government of Pakistan, Scientia Global,
Enago, Cactus Communications, International Science Editing, and
Bresmed (Medical Economics). I have a large following in China
amongst researchers (including on WeChat and Douyin).